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[News Release] Prostemics confirmed a tumor-growth-inhibiting microRNA in human adipose stem cell-derived exosome for the first time in the world

– Company’s research using human adipose stem cell-derived culture medium technology led to the achievement in the field of cancer stem cell after hair-loss   (SEOUL, […]

[News Release] Prostemics signed an MOU with Dong-guk university. For clinical trial using bio food materials

Expects the gut-health and skin improvement effect via microbial metabolites   (PROSTEMICS=November 10, 2017)   Prostemics (KOSDAQ 203690) announced on November 10 that it signed an […]

[News Release] Prostemics, published a paper with 1,000 clinical results of hair loss using stem cell conditioned media

– Published 3 clinical papers in an SCI journal with Korea-Japan medical team – Showed rescuing dermal papilla cells and suppression of reactive oxygen   (PROSTEMICS=November […]

[News Release] Confirmed skin regeneration effects of exosome from stem cell for the 1st time

– Observed skin regeneration effects of 3 times of collagen, 13 times of elastin, etc. – Published the paper on SCI journal, Experimental Dermatology   (PROSTEMICS=October […]

[News Release] Prostemics supplies cosmetics to global distributor, TECSO

Supplies 5 items of prebiotics biocosmetics to TESCO in Southeast Asia (PROSTEMICS=September 29, 2017) Prostemics (KOSDAQ 203690) announced that it contracted to supply cosmetics to a […]