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List of journals published by our lab.
Article titleAuthorsYearJournal
Therapeutic effects of kefir grain Lactobacillus-derived extracellular vesicles in mice with 2,4,6-trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid-induced inflammatory bowel diseaseSeo MK, Park EJ, Choi EW, Kim S2018Journal of Dairy Science
Efficacy and Safety of Autologous Stromal Vascular Fraction in the Treatment of Empty Nose SyndromeKim DY, Hong HR, Choi EW, Yoon SW, Jang YJ2018Clinical and experimental otorhinolaryngology
Stemness-attenuating miR-503-3p as a paracrine factor regulates cancer stem cell growthSeo MS, Kim SM, Won EY, Park EJ, Ko SY, Choi EW, Jeong HJ, Jang MH2018Stem Cells International
A novel secretory vesicle from Deer Antlerogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells- Conditioned Media (DaMSCs-CM) promotes tissue regenerationSeo MK, Kim JC, Kim HK, Choi EW, Jeong SY, Nam KC, Jang MH2018Stem Cells International
Exosomes from human adipose derived stem cells promote
proliferation and migration of skin fibroblasts
Kim, S., Choi, E. W., Seo, M. K., Woo, E. Y., Kim, S. H., Park, E. J.2017Experimental Dermatology
Cancer-derived exosomes as a delivery platform of CRISPR/Cas9 confer cancer cell tropism-dependent targetingKim, S. M., Yang, Y. S., Oh, S. J, Hong, Y. S., Seo, M. K., Jang, M. H.2017ELSEVIER
Advanced adipose-derived stem cell protein extracts with anti oxidant activity modulates matrix metalloproteinases in human dermal fibroblastsChae, Y.B., Lee, J.S., Park, H.J., Park, I.H., Kim, M.M., Park, Y.H., Kim, D.S., Lee, J.H.,2012Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology
Hair growth-promoting effects of adipose tissue-derived stem
Won, C.H., Yoo, H.G., Kwon, O.S., Sung, M.Y., Kang, Y.J., Chung, J.H., Park, B.S., Sung, J.-H., Kim, W.S., Kim, K.H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Hair growth stimulated by conditioned medium of adipose-derived stem cells is enhanced by hypoxia: Evidence of increased growth factor secretion
Park, B.-S., Kim, W.-S., Choi, J.-S., Kim, H.-K., Won, J.-H., Ohkubo, F., Fukuoka, H.
Biomedical Research
Antiwrinkle effect of adipose-derived stem cell: Activation of dermal fibroblast by secretory factors  Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Park, S.-H., Kim, H.-K., Sung, J.-H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Hypoxia-enhanced wound-healing function of adipose-derived stem cells: Increase in stem cell proliferation and up-regulation of VEGF and bFGF
Lee, E.Y., Xia, Y., Kim, W.-S., Kim, M.H., Kim, T.H., Kim, K.J., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Wound Repair and Regeneration
Protective role of adipose-derived stem cells and their soluble factors in photoaging 
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Archives of Dermatological Research
The wound-healing and antioxidant effects of adipose-derived stem cells
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H
Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy
Adipose-derived stem cells and their secretory factors as a promising therapy for skin aging 
Park, B.-S., Jang, K.A., Sung, J.-H., Park, J.-S., Kwon, Y.H., Kim, K.J., Kim, W.-S.
Dermatologic Surgery
Whitening effect of adipose-derived stem cells: A critical role of TGF-β1
Kim, W.-S., Park, S.-H., Ahn, S.-J., Kim, H.-K., Park, J.-S., Lee, G.-Y., Kim, K.-J., Whang, K.-K., Kang, S.-H., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H.
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Evidence supporting antioxidant action of
adipose-derived stem cells: Protection of human
dermal fibroblasts from oxidative stress
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Kim, H.-K., Park, J.-S., Kim, K.-J., Choi, J.-S., Chung, S.-J., Kim, D.-D., Sung, J.-H.
Journal of Dermatological Science
Wound healing effect of adipose-derived stem
cells: A critical role of secretory factors on
human dermal fibroblasts
Kim, W.-S., Park, B.-S., Sung, J.-H., Yang, J.-M., Park, S.-B., Kwak, S.-J., Park, J.-S.
Journal of Dermatological Science